101 Things in 1001 Days

Start date: 7/29/2015
End date: 4/25/2018

1- Come up with 101 things.
2- Finish my adult coloring book.
3- Visit New York. (September 2015)
4- Buy a pair of Tory Burch Millers. (November 2015)
5- See an NBA game. (March 2016)
6- See an NHL game. (March 2016)
7- See an MLB game.
8- See an NFL game.
9- Buy an Elsa Lilly Pulitzer top. (January 2016)
10- Visit Nashville. (March 2016)
11- Visit St. Louis. (March 2017)
12- Go back to Paris.
13- Go back to London.
14- Run a charity 5k. (April 2016)
15- Run a charity 10k. (April 2017)
16- Run a half-marathon.
17- Run a marathon.
18- Visit New Orleans.
19- Do a DYI project. (February 2016)
20- Blog consistently for 1 year.
21- Create my blog's Facebook page.
22- Get a Certificate in Translation. (May 2017)
23- Design a t-shirt.
24- Learn how to love again.
25- Have my family visit the US while I'm here. (March 2016)
26- Do a sponsored post.
27- Have professional OOTD pictures taken.
28- Go to a bloggers' meet up/conference.
29- Go to a grad school conference out of state.
30- Volunteer for a good cause.
31- Go a month without Coca Cola. (January 2017)
32- Purchase a better camera.
33- Re-read the 7 Harry Potter books again.
34- Join a volunteering organization and actively participate in it.
35- Visit a country outside Europe that is not the US. (Canada, November 2016)
36- Go to a wedding.
37- Go to a church service in another country.
38- Bake muffins from scratch.
39- Learn how to cook two dishes perfectly.
40- Inventory my clothes and shoes.
41- Go a month without shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories.
42- Tip 100%.
43- Sell my unused clothes on eBay (or somewhere else). (Poshmark, February 2016)
44- Stop picking my acne for a month.
45- Track my walking/running with an app or a Fitbit. (Endomondo is pretty great)
46- Master parallel parking.
47- Go to a coast town in the Southeastern United States.
48- Visit Andalucia for once and for all.
49- Overcome my anxiety and learn how to deal with it.
50- Visit Canada. (November, 2017)
51- Win a departmental prize/award. (March 2016)
52- Move to Chicago.
53- Buy a Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag.
54- Finish my PhD.
55- Travel to Australia.
56- Travel to Thailand.
57- Travel to Japan.
58- Do a cruise.
59- Travel to South America.
60- Go zip lining.
61- Buy a Tory Burch bag for work.
62- Go to a career fair.
63- Participate in a dunk tank.
64- Meet a blogger I follow and become friends.
65- Master driving in highways.
66- Go to a college game outside Illinois.
67- Go to Cancun.
68- Master French.
69- Finish my quals.
70- Escape from an Escape Room.
71- Travel to Hawaii.
72- Travel to Texas.
73- Go on a helicopter ride.
74- Go to a cooking class.
75- Go on vacation to a warm place just to soak up the sun.
76- Go sailing.
77- Try to eat more fruit and vegetables.

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